“Great American stands behind their products. Thanks for a great experience every time!”

—Gwen Graham, Choral Director


What People are Saying

Meet Suzanne Crider

Suzanne promotes literacy…

“I would recommend Suzanne and Great American’s TIME FOR READING fundraiser to any librarian looking to supplement or replace other more stressful fundraisers.  It promotes literacy just as well as book fair because it offers children’s magazines as well as adult magazines!”

Rachel Nance, Librarian

Meet Joel Kosch

Joel is a planner…

“What I loved about working with Great American was that Joel came with more than just a product to sell; he came with an entire sales plan. The fundraiser was really helpful in getting our group excited and motivated to fundraise! I wouldn’t have been able to be this successful if it hadn’t been for Joel and his plan.”

Kristi, Cheer Coach

Meet Thomas McDow

Thomas changes things up…

“Thomas and Great American have been our choice for the past 7 years. They have never let us down – great people to work with, always changing things up to get the best experience and results.”

Amy Prince, Middle School Athletic Director

Meet Steve Kershner

Why we raise thousands…

“Steve has a unique ability to balance of the business-side of things while ensuring the fundraiser is fun and engaging for our students. Even in a small school setting we’re consistently able to generate thousands of dollars in profit which benefits our students.”

Bob Hlasko, Superintendent

Meet Pano Mata

I highly recommend…

“We are always in need of funds to help with travel and equipment. Mr. Mata has always been very helpful when we select our fundraising program. Delivery of items is always quick and organized. I would highly recommend Great American to anyone who needs to raise funds.”

Julie Munoz, Junior High Band Director

Meet Jeff Page

Dynamic describes Jeff…

“Jeff Page has been dynamic for our school. His personality and ability to motivate both the students and staff has been second to none. Our sales have been better than ever because of his efforts.”

Bob Suman, Principal

Meet Aaron Lynn

Raised $30,000 yearly…

All of our fundraisers have been successful. In fact, we have raised over $30,000 profit each year!

He is patient, organized, energetic and accessible for all of our questions. He is responsive to our needs, clientele and student body. Aaron makes our fundraising so easy because of his commitment to our success. I look forward to continuing our relationship with him in the future.

Meet Robert Pitts

I chose Robert because…

“Robert uses his job as a way of impacting students in a positive way. As long as I am in need of fundraising, I will ALWAYS work with Robert and Great American Opportunities.”

Missy Glenn, Principal

Meet Holly Smith-Gonzalez

I count on Holly…

“I have worked with Holly Gonzales for almost ten years. She makes fundraising easy with her organization, motivational student presentations, and her attention to detail. I can always count on Holly and Great American to stand behind their products. Thanks for a great experience every time!”

Gwen Graham, Choral Director

Meet Wayne Bresette

Wayne is trustworthy…

“Wayne has been helping our program fundraise for four years. During this time Wayne has not only helped our program raise tens of thousands of dollars, he has also helped us select the best fundraisers for our students and community to make sure we get the most return on our efforts. Wayne always follows the fundraiser from the planning stage the closeout and makes sure that everything is done at the highest possible level.”

Luke Hall, Band Director

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