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Their Mission:
To build character in students through extraordinary trips and provide active learning that goes beyond the classroom.

Why Should You Get help?
Planning an educational tour can be a daunting task! Why not get expert help? Southwestern Educational Travel (SET) experts will walk you through every step of travel planning and help you with travel guides for your trips.

What Do They Provide?
Excellent Travel & Accommodation Support
Dedicated Tour Directors
Itinerary Planning Recommendations
Educational Tours
Service Learning Tours

Where Can You Travel?
Anywhere! There are so many exciting destinations where student groups may travel. Pick out your dream location or let them recommend one for you!

Are There Limits On Group Size?
No group is too small or too big! Senior class trip, educational excursions, and band, choir or dance performances are made easy with support from Southwestern Educational Travel.

Can You Help Us Raise Funds For Student Travel?
Yes! For more than 40 years, Great American (GAO) has been helping educators just like you raise the funds you need to ensure your travel funds are taken care of.

Are you planning an educational trip?

Your SET representative can help.

Are you ready to raise
some money?

Your GAO representative can help.