Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order for your products?

Most of our products do NOT have a minimum order. Your group takes orders and we send you exactly the number of products you have ordered. If you have unsold items you can even return them to us for a full credit. Some of our products, such as the custom discount cards DO have a minimum, because we are making a card specifically for YOU! Your representative can help you decide what the best product is and how to eliminate any risk. We realize you are in this to RAISE MONEY and we will help you do that!

How do I know my customers will like your products?

Our marketing team works hard to develop products that are in line with national trends and that will appeal to a wide group of people. Most of our products are custom developed just for Great American. And all products are attractively packaged – not just in plain white boxes. But beyond that, our products carry our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If your customer is not satisfied, he can call our toll-free number for a different product choice or a full refund! Though that rarely happens, it’s just one of the ways we prove to you that working with Great American is a hassle-free fundraising experience!

How do we get started with a fundraiser?

We would love to help you raise the funds you need. Please call us at 800.251.1542.

It seems to me the longer we sell the more we make. But our fundraising representative says we should keep our program short. Why is that?

It’s a lot like giving homework to students. If you give a student 4 weeks to do a paper, most will use just the last few days to do all the work. By keeping it short and focused, your students are more likely to have good results.

Do we have to pay for our products up front?

No. Your invoice will be sent after your products are shipped. By the time it is due, you will have collected more than enough money to pay your invoice and the rest of the money is your profit.

How do I return left-over products?

If you have unsold products, the first thing to do is to distribute those items to top sellers for them to re-sell. This helps you keep your profits! If you still have products to return, call 1-800-251-1542 for a return authorization number. This will help us credit your account properly. It is the group’s responsibility to return all products, however, depending on on the number of items you have to return, we may just provide you credit.

Can candy bars and frozen foods be returned?

No, candy bars and frozen foods cannot be returned. Be sure to consult your sales representative as he or she is trained to assist you in ordering the right amount for your group.

Do we pay sales tax?

We follow the tax laws in your state. If your organization has the proper tax documents required by your state, you are not required to pay tax. (We require documentation to be on file to verify this fact). If you do not have a tax exemption number or your group is not tax exempt, you will be charged tax. Verify your tax status with your organization.

To whom should checks be written?

Check with the sponsor of your program, or your parent letter to find out this answer. Or if you are the sponsor, please check with your GA salesperson.

My child missed the turn-in date for their order. Can I place the order through you?

No. Please contact your group’s sponsor and ask that they place the order.

I received a substitute item and did not like it, what do I do?

We will be happy to send you a product that you do like. Check our online catalogs of current seasonal products and choose an item from the same price range. Then call 800.251.1542 for further instructions. Check our online catalog for a complete list.

I didn't receive an invoice with my main order, when will I receive it?

Invoices are e-mailed out the day your order ships from the company. We then follow up with a mailed copy 4 days after your product has been shipped. This allows you time to collect your money. If you need an invoice prior to this time, please call 800.251.1542 and a customer care representative will assist you.

We got our order of product but not the children's prizes. Were they sent?

Please call 800.251.1542 and we will be happy to check on your prize order.

Where are you located?

Our corporate offices are in Nashville, Tennessee, however we have over 300 fundraising consultants throughout the country who are ready to assist you and your group.

Click “Let’s Talk” or call us at 800.251.1542. We will be happy to provide you with more information.


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