Fundraising Should Be Fun.

Together We Are Making a Difference

Through our programs, over $1,000,000 in financial gifts, products & service contributions have been given to deserving Charities in the last school year.

We do more than just raise funds.
We help change lives.


“Our rep uses his job as a way of impacting students in a positive way. As long as I am in need of fundraising, I will ALWAYS work with Great American Opportunities.”

-MISSY GLENN, Principal

“We DOUBLED our sale over last year! Matt’s Student Assemblies are SENSATIONAL…students and staff leave energized and motivated to help our school achieve its Goal. Matt and GA have been an ABSOLUTE pleasure to work with.”

– KIM CORTEZ, PTA President

“Howard really motivates our students to help their school!”

– DAWN BURKE, Principal

Are you ready to raise some money?

Your local Great American representative is ready to help.