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Chocolate Bars From Great American

Great American is proud to offer two well known and highly desired brands of chocolate bars for our Candy Connoisseurs! Remember…the best candy bar fundraisers start with people who really know candy!

The Kathryn Beich Brand of chocolates was established over 50 years ago. This well-respected brand has earned the reputation of great quality and great taste throughout the school fundraising community! Available in straight packs as well as assortments… our Caramel, Almond, Dark Chocolate and Krunch bars simply can’t be beat!


Picture1Nestlé has chosen to keep Great American as its exclusive school fundraising partner, and with Nestlé Brands, you can’t go wrong! From Baby Ruth to Butterfinger and from 100 Grand to Nestle Crunch and Gobstoppers…there is literally something for every age and tastebud!

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