Great American Fundraising

Magazines... A Renewable Choice!

We provide families with a variety of easy ways to purchase or renew affordable reading resources. We provide schools with the most magazine fundraising options. Learn More

America's Favorite Recipes

Featuring tempting recipes from Southern Living and Cooking Light. You will love the way they taste and the profits they help you earn! Learn More

Born To Shop?

Our unique high-quality gift brochures were created just for you. Every product we offer comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! Learn More

Discounts, Deals and Savings Galore!

For a profitable lesson on value, ask Great American! Our well-crafted and innovative savings options help families spend less and schools raise the money they need. Learn More

Your Favorite Team Tumblers!

Just imagine being able to offer your community this high-quality product featuring Collegiate, MLB, NBA and NHL team logos. What a great way to raise the funds you need! Learn More

Tuition Rewards

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Tuition Rewards, participating students may earn up to "One Full Year" of credit towards tuition. Learn More

Time for Kids

TIME For Kids brings current events to life for millions of children. Thanks to our TIME For Kids Program, every year, over 300,000 students receive TIME For Kids at no cost. Learn More

Chocolate Bars From Great American

Featuring the Kathryn Beich brand, famous in fundraising for over 50 years! Plus a great selection from Nestlé...we’re serving everyone’s favorites! Learn More

GA Partners - H2O for Life

H2O for Life is making a real difference in the quality of life for those in need around the world. Great American is proud to partner with this amazing organization. Learn More

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More than just a fundraising
company, we help change lives.

Throughout our 39 years of helping schools and organizations earn more than $5 billion in profits, we have never lost our primary focus: helping kids. The people we serve are making a real difference every day. We customize fun, profitable, highly successful programs and provide exceptional customer service. Our innovative industry-leading fundraising campaign choices include magazines, cookie dough, frozen treats, discount cards, confections, candy bars and quality gift items. Click here for the latest Good News at Great American.

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